Bown down to the Olympic handball player

I am blessed with happiness that I was able to work with the Slovenian world legend of handball player Iztok Puc. "They smiled when I said that I was working with the Olympic champion ... when his wife Jasenka thanked me in front of the full Celje hall of his loyal fans ... Priceless!"

This was written by Jasenka Puc for the website:

"I would also like to thank ... our friends Alenka and Uroš Šerbec for whom I can not find the words of thanks for trying to best help with the words of the encouragement. In addition, I am very thankful to Andrej Ažman, a famous tenor, who relieved heavy days to Iztok with his extraordinary will and beautiful voice".  





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07 October 2017 / Andrej Ažman
05 October 2017 / Andrej Ažman

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