The basis of my operation as well as the voice4balance website is a human voice that can be used for different purposes and needs in different target groups. My job is to look for innovative and collaborative approaches of using the human voice for special, therapeutic and other purposes.
  • I'am tuning your body
  • I bring you closer to the family, organization, in the project team or between friends
  • I'm teaching you using your voice
  • I'm developing my own musical works

Where to start ?

In my longstanding music practice, I used voice for various purposes, that is, from cultural-artistic, entertaining to therapeutic role. In recent years, I have been devoting more attention to the therapeutic role. Examples from my practice have been often related to uncomfortable relationships in families or businesses, unconfident individuals, or the consequences of sports and other injuries. In all cases, the voice contributed significantly in improving the situation, in certain cases as an independent method, and in individual cases, as a complement to other therapeutic methods.
  • read the examples from my practice
  • consult with me and send me questions
  • depending on your needs, I will send you a proposal for cooperation
  • implementation and monitoring of results

Warning: My or your voice does not replace your existing therapies prescribed by official medicine. If you are in the process of official treatment, it is a prerequisite for working with us to follow your doctor's advice.

Some say that singing is one of the most difficult things in the world. It's hard for me, too. What do you think?
Completely different from them. I think that singing is one of the easiest things in the world, because it is based on the breath. And everyone who is alive breathing. We just have to relax, and then proceeds from itself - like a boat on a quiet water.
If it's really so easy to sing as you say, how much time do you need to explain to a person who does not know how to sing, and show how to start singing?
What do you suggest to a person who is afraid or ashamed to sing so that he can start singing?

Questions & Answers

Call and consult with me. You can also send me questions by e-mail or through the "Enquiry Form". You will be amazed where all your voice can help you. Also read my examples from practice, my services and products offered as well as posted questions and answers.

In the embrace of his own singing

I am grateful for the extremely rare experience of singing with a man who sang for the first time in his life just in the front of me. He had a deaf mother and father so they could not give him the experience of singing. I managed to convince him that he is in my vicinity and in my care ...

Voice effects on improving the well-being

I regularly see a favorable effect of the voice on feelings and a quicker recovery in case of sports and other injuries or in the event of other conditions of the disease. I helped lower blood pressure and body temperature, relax muscles, increase memory concentration, ...

Bown down to the Olympic handball player

I am blessed with happiness that I was able to work with the Slovenian world legend of handball Iztok Puc.
"They smiled when I said that I was working with the Olympic champion ... when his wife Jasenka thanked me in front of the full Celje hall of his loyal fans ... Priceless!"
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